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Hello! I'm Aileen.
Welcome to my website hub!

I believe that we are never just one thing.

For example, I adore teaching yoga, specially to those who are not spiritual, want their spirituality separate from their yoga practice or want to find their spirituality on their own terms.

But, my interests don't start and end with yoga.

I was an Art Director (in my previous professional life) and want to utilise this by helping yoga and wellness teachers build, re-design and align their brand.

I'm an avid crafter and believe we can make beautiful things out of repurposed, recycled and natural materials.

Also, I'm a passionate gardener and believe we can eradicate food insecurity by a simple and common solution - edible gardening!

If you agree that you are not one-dimensional and we share interests, you are invited to explore all my websites and see how I can help you.

Visit my sites and explore.

Click the logos to jump to them.

Mad Yogi

Access deconstructed, demystified, and belief-neutral yoga classes, courses, workshops, affirmation cards, blogs, podcasts and yoga mats on Mad Yogi.
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Yoga Brand Building

Let me help you align your brand to who you are, what you offer, and who you serve through Yoga Brand Building.

There are branding blogs and ideas boards to help you with your branding woes or for inspiration.

A branding course and an art direction consultation will be available soon on the COURSE page here in the hub.

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Cranberry Furniture Rescue

Rescuing pre-loved furniture and creating up-cycled decor. Enjoy all the fun and ingenious crafting blogs. Furniture rescues and how to buy them (if you're in my neighbourhood) will come soon.

*The photo is one of our blog projects!

witchy hanging.jpg

Front Yard Farming

Let's create a sustainable, productive, and beautiful edible and pollinator garden to help with the cost of living and eliminate food insecurity.
Consulting services coming soon, along with the logo - haha!

*These pumpkins are part of this year's harvest from our garden.

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