Are you feeling burnt-out and in need of a way to rediscover yourself?


to where you can enjoy the transformational physical, mental, & emotional benefits of yoga movement & mindset in a safe BELIEF-NEUTRAL online space where you can focus on your wellbeing, self-care and me-time to rediscover yourself.

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Because it's true, yoga is transformational - but not exclusive to spirituality or the woo-woo, and those who are not into that -

you deserve to have your yoga too!

Yoga at Home

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Start your self-rediscovery with the 3-Week Trial Plan.

Here's what I offer you - an online yoga membership that:

  • Has Scalable Intermediate Yoga VOD (video on demand) classes but still open to all experiences, from beginners to seasoned practitioners, allowing you to choose your intensity;

  • Is kind and accommodating to your body, mind and emotions - whatever shape, size, age or state - giving you the groundwork for self-love, self-acceptance and non-judgement;

  • Lets you be YOU with the help of modifications & encouragement to pare things back or to go further so you can scale and tailor your workout to you;

  • Is grounded in anatomical knowledge and safe biomechanical movement that helps in improving your posture and overall physical health;


  • Affordable Monthly & Yearly Memberships - 

    • Monthly - $40AUD

    • Yearly - $420AUD​


  • And, a yoga practice that focuses NOT on the fancy pose, has NO airy-fairy talk and all that woo-woo stuff.  But rather on helping you through deconstructing and demystifying yoga to make it practical and relatable to everyday life so that you can freely REDISCOVER yourself.

Here's how...

Outdoors Yoga Class


Deepen your self-awareness and self-care through our various yoga class series'.  Mad Yogi's yoga VOD classes, found in the Flow Room, are a Scalable Intermediate Slow Flow.  They are modifiable and adaptable to what you need and are capable of.

You will be given options for your poses and always encouraged to stop and rest when you need to.  The level of challenge is totally up to you.  This is where that deepening of your self- awareness and self-care comes from.

If there are days that you feel strong and need to burn off energy, you can challenge yourself.  But on days when you're not feeling up to doing much or not feeling 100%, you can opt to stick to easier options.


You will really get to know what you can do, what you shouldn't do and be ok with it all; without judging yourself.


Also, having instructions that are grounded in anatomical and biomechanical movement ultimately leads to developing a keen awareness of one's posture and having better posture has been shown to improve a person's overall wellbeing.



The courses in the Course Room are designed to deepen your physical practice - transitioning to include a more connected and honest relationship with yourself.

You'll do this by going through the courses that will ask you to include mindset shifts, practice non-judgement, acceptance and compassion - for yourself, the people around you and situations in your life. 


You will be able to establish healthy physical, mental and emotional yoga habits, so that the practice of yoga can help you off the mat.

Because while you may not believe in the woo, there may be other limiting beliefs and mindsets that cause unkindness to yourself and others.

All your courses come with ebooks or workbooks that you can download and do offline.

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Mad Yogi's Mindset work is present in all the different Online Yoga Rooms and the offerings therein but the Reading Room, Listening Room and Affirmation Gallery are the main sources.


The blogs, podcasts and cards invite you to shift your mindset from limiting beliefs, even in yoga practices, to a more aware, compassionate and kind thinking that we apply to ourselves, our relationships and how we deal with everyday life, especially in situations that trigger stress and anxiety.


The whole idea  of Yoga Without The Woo is to provide a belief-neutral space & help create a mindset that is more open, understanding, non-judgmental, compassionate and kind.

Family Stretch

Sound good?

Start your self-rediscovery with the 3-Week Trial Plan.

Curious about that



Would you like a chance to trial the classes first before taking out a membership?  I've got you covered there too!

Here are your membership options, including what you'll get in the paid plan:



VISITORS (without any sign-up)

have access to:

  • The Reading & Listening Rooms - have the blogs and the podcasts.

MEMBERS (sign-up on the website) have access to:

  • The Reading & Listening Rooms - have the blogs and the podcasts.

  • The Affirmation Gallery - where you will find workshops, affirmation and mindset cards.  These are lovely e-cards that you can share!



You have additional access to:

  • The Flow Room & Course Room - you'll be able to access all the classes & courses for FREE, on me, for three whole weeks. 
    Why three?
    Two weeks is too short and you'll just forget if it's a whole month.  So three weeks is the sweet spot, I think!

As of 18/06/2021, there are currently 82 classes across 5 curated channels. 

The new channel/ series is in current production.



Monthly or Yearly Membership

  • MONTHLY - $40 AUD

  • YEARLY      - $420 AUD


...this means all yoga VODs, current and future!

Visit to website to see everything you'll get!

So, imagine if you could:

  • Improve or maintain your physical health, strength and mobility while keeping yourself safe through intelligent and creative movement and modifications;

  • Introduce calm to your emotions through practical and relatable self-awareness, care, love and acceptance; and share this with the people who mean the most to you;

  • Truly live the yoga teachings of non-judgement and unconditional love through mindset shifts that offer you the space to delve deep into your core values because your yoga practice isn't coloured by the airy-fairy, woo-woo beliefs;

  • Establish a powerful sense of self-accountability by setting your me-time for yoga on your terms, helping develop your tailor-made schedule yet have the utmost flexibility to accommodate unexpected disturbances. yoga that helps you clear out your head and heart spaces so you can Rediscover Yourself under all the stress, limiting beliefs and influences that surround you on top of getting fit, healthy and full of energy!

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Sound good?

Start your self-rediscovery with the 3-Week Trial Plan.

Read some reviews from the tribe...

"Hi Eileen (sic),

I hope you are surviving this crazy time of physical distancing.

I am LOVING your Dosha Room online classes which keep me sane."


Hi! I'm Aileen, your Mad Yogi.

I passionately believe that yoga is for everybody – and this includes you who want a journey of rediscovery and the benefits of yoga but maybe not the beliefs.  Maybe you’re just not spiritual, want to keep it separate or maybe you see the woo-woo for what it is.


Don’t get turned-off from doing yoga, not all yoga teachers are like that; I certainly am not. 


But don't get me wrong, I'm not judging those who do believe in the woo-woo. In fact, you are just as welcome to the website as any.  Just know that what I offer is a belief-neutral space.


I myself am not spiritual but I strongly believe in the teachings of yoga over non-judgement, self-acceptance and unconditional love, among others.

These life-philosophies and guiding principles are universal and not exclusive to any belief system.

So, I deliver yoga by deconstructing and demystifying it into practical and sensible practices and mindsets; transforming your practice into something relatable and usable in your everyday life – whatever your shape, whatever your state and without rankling your sensibilities!


I'm looking forward to seeing you on the website!

Sound good?

Start your self-rediscovery with the 3-Week Trial Plan.