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Practical Pranayama

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The PRACTICAL PRANAYAMA - BETTER BREATHING FOR EVERYDAY LIVING MINI-COURSE is a self-paced, on-demand breathwork course to help you understand and establish a breathwork practice that can actually help you. Whether you need help for stress management or to enhance your happiness (it's not all doom and gloom, after all) this mini-course is for you! This course will go through: • What IS Pranayama and its importance in the practice of yoga. • A brief discussion on the practicalities of the practice, an overview of our anatomy, and habits that inhibit better breathing – and why it’s important to know these! • Practical Pranayama – every-day breathing practices we can do anytime, anywhere. • Traditional Pranayama – bringing common breathing practices we encounter in a yoga class to our home practice; and • How Pranayama can deepen our yoga practice by using it as a keystone to the other limbs of yoga. At the end of your course, you would have learned: • A better understanding of pranayama and its place in yoga and daily life, • Practical breathing techniques you can use every day, • The traditional pranayama practices and their modified versions to make them more accessible, and • An overall attunement to your body & breath. Plus, as a bonus, you will also have: • An introduction to Aromatherapy and scent family profiles, • An overview to the Doshas and their Pranayama profiles, and • A simple Slow Flow routine to support better breathing.

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