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Practical Self Care | 2nd edition e-book

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When was the last time you took care of yourself? Often, we put ourselves at the very last of our own priority list. We think that other commitments should always come before us, but that is a slippery slope to un-wellness. I’m here to help you re-focus some of that energy and attention back to you and, hopefully, make you a priority in your life through simple self-care practices. The PRACTICAL SELF-CARE MINI COURSE is a self-paced 4-part course that will help you in establishing a good foundation for your self-care practice by identifying opportunities for it and what practices you can do. The mini course is divided into 4 Lessons which include: ➡ Preparation Practices - crucial in putting yourself in the right mindset. ➡ Mindfulness Practices - where you will learn practical and relatable mindfulness opportunities. ➡ Breathing Practices - where I give you practical breathing techniques, and, ➡ Flow Practices - where we can put all of these together in a moving practice, helping us to incorporate all the lessons. ------------------------------------------------------- At the end of the course, you would have learned mindfulness practices, breathing practices, and flow practices that will be easy to implement, remember and create a habit of, so that self-care itself becomes a habit - helping you de-stress and feel lighter in your everyday life!

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